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Brandon Santiago

Beginning at the age of 4, Brandon Santiago has always wanted to tell stories through his preferred ways of entertainment from video games to, more importantly, comics.  While always drawing up various fantasy adventures in his younger years, he would not start his journey into the comic book industry until the age of 14 when he had finally found a small time job working on the web comic, NOD the Animated Series, for writer Dan Melnick his independent company, NOD. After a couple year run of the web series, the next independent company that Brandon joined would be Rotten Apple Comics. In the 8 years working for Rotten Apple, he would work on various indie titles from the company such as the comic strip, Asa’s Dad, and a few superhero projects like The Kid, Little Bolt, and P.S.A. as well as comics for visiting clients such as The Way of the Phoenix and The Dark.  Not only would he gain experience in learning each part of the comic book making process such as penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering, but he would also learn the in and outs on how to write effective stories, which he would use for his next step into the comic world.

As his experience kept growing, Brandon would start creating small one-shot stories of his own, which would continue until he created a small comic strip for his class called “Not Normal” at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Using the subject of monsters and his interest in the horror genre, he would create a dark family comedy about a little ghost girl inspired by the Yurei spirits from Japanese folk lore who lived in a suburban neighborhood going to school, playing with friends, and other daily activities any kid would do.  Only thing is that this particular ghostly child cannot help but cause a little bit of her own havoc using her abilities along the way. This small 8-paged college project would eventually catch the attention of a growing audience and turn into the full blown horror comedy web comic series, Erma. Erma would go on to grow such a following that it would eventually spawn a much awaited prequel, Spirit’s Bloom, and an anthology series taking place in the character’s world, Tales of Outcast. Even with these major two titles under Outcast’s belt, it is only the beginning as there are new projects currently in the works that will be emerging in the near future.

Kirsten Celander

Since discovering a crayons function at the age of two, Kirsten has always enjoyed drawing. Throughout grade school and high school, her love of drawing has developed into a career. After receiving a degree in illustration from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she has turned her love of comics into a professional career. She has done several projects around the Chicago Land area for various individuals and local bands. She has also contributed to the popular ‘Erma’ comic providing inking and coloring for several installments. Her art has also been featured in the “Siris” comic. Her passion project “RoboKid” is currently in development with hopes of publishing in 2020. She currently works with Outcast Comics serving as an Art Director, Project Manager as well as The Troll Under The Bridge.

John O'Hale

Occupations: Evil mastermind, Writer, General part-time trolling

Not much to say about me. Just your average everyday evil supervillain that is still working on the whole “super” part of the villainy gig. Born on the darkest of Halloweens, I came into this world just to spite my older sibling’s night of trick-or-treating as my first great act of evilness. Since then I have lived in the most wretched place of villains to ever exist the entirety, the suburbs of Chicago. There I grew up, in the hellish landscape of cookie-cutter housing and picturesque front lawns I honed my skills of daydreaming and seeking out the escape of other worlds that lay beyond my physical prison.

My keepers, the ones you might call ‘teachers’ said I had a talent in the creation of strange new worlds and encouraged me to continue down the dark path of the arcane art of writing. Heeding their advice I spent the better part of my life learning the dark and evil art of the most debased language to write in: English! Years I spent with the dark masters of writing and the English language in the forbidden institution know as Northern Illinois University. There in the year of 2013 I earned my diploma in the dark art of English and set out into the world, ready to strike fear and awesomeness into people. Instead I was relegated working in the evilness of customer service, until I happened upon the twisted and unknowable creature known as ‘Gaiter’. 

This evil entity saw the darkness of creativity in me and took me under his tutelage. There I have resided since, honing my skills for the day that I will slay the being Gaiter and take all his power for myself! (kinda like highlanders but there doesn’t HAVE to be only one, I’m just greedy.) Until that prophesied day I will bid my time, content in the works of creativity and evil in the organization know as Outcast Comics, spreading my awesomeness and evil to all those that I can.

Julia McBride Menzel

For the Erma Game project, I assisted in inking the game animations. 


I am an illustrator/designer who loves to create cute whimsical artwork! :) 


Donovan Tracy

Artist, writer, creator, man about town.

Donovan Tracy is the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne and Nellie J Gaiter, born on Thundera.
Donovan attended Xavier’s School for The Gifted Youngsters but was kicked out after his second semester for throwing the biggest party ever which caused the Pheonix Force to reemerge. Donovan then reappeared in Chicago, after spending some time in Wakanda training with Dora Milaje. While living in Chicago Donovan became a barber until he was discovered by an unknown gentleman in search of someone with Donovan’s talents and ability which led him to Kiss Studios. Then he formed Rotten Apple Studios and now working for Outcast Studios.

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Gaiter Logo

Erik Perez

Raised on the south side of Chicago, a childhood dream of Erik’s was becoming a Disney cartoonist, being able to draw Mickey Mouse and friends as a career was all he thought about growing up. That dream was the fuel that lead him to pick up his first pencil. While growing up, sketching creatures and drawing super heroes were everything to Erik, often (MAINLY) choosing this over schoolwork. 

Knowing school was important however, after high school Erik later went on to attend Westwood College for graphic arts. It was here that Erik meet a strange but mysterious individual at the first C2E2 2011...Donovan Tracy. Erik and his college buddies had a company called KISS Studios which "DT" would become a writer and one of the creative forces for the indie company. After graduating, Erik and Donovan went on to start Rotten Apple Studios which had them busy over the past decade working on various comicbooks, online comicstrips as well as a few graphic design and marketing projects a cross illinois.


Donovan introduced Erik to Outcast Studios brand, Since then Erik has worked on various projects for the Studio. From comic projects such as penciling, inking, doing various assests/backgrounds for the up and coming Erma video game. Erik is currently writing and illustrating his own series of children’s books based on his children Link and Mia which are currently in development.


Children's Book(s)




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Adam Holt

Self-proclaimed swiss army knife of Outcast Studios. My handy work includes the establishment of the Erma Webtoons profile, the creation of this website, and most prominently I'm the director of Erma the Game! 

With every successful project, I grow in power! So keep an eye out for my name!

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