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Erma Updates 9

Welcome to the latest Erma Updates from its new home!

All future updates can be found here.

First order of business is a bit of bad news.

In all honesty 2020 has not been kind to or team. Brandon has decided to share his experiences on social media, but we would like to keep the privacy of the rest of the staff.


Unfortunately, these have delayed the production of the game past our 2020 deadline. Next time we give a release window we intend to keep it.

Thank you all for sticking with us!

As some of you could tell Brandon is leading most of the games animations so his health and well being is extremely important to us.

He wants the quality of the entire experience to be of the level of his 2017 animation.


Also if you still waiting for a commission from Brandon, it's still on the way, we haven't forgotten.


Next, we'd like to showcase some more music!

Our composer Marty M has really been knocking it out of the park.


The anticipation of this games release is just as strong for us as it is for you guys and we're excited to show you all more!

#Ermathegame #Ermacomic

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