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Erma Updates 10!

Welcome to this overdo addition of Erma Updates!

Our team is working hard and better than ever! We wanted to make sure this update is full of positivity after the last one so we thank you all for your patience.

After the last update, we had a major change in staff that did further delay our team’s efforts. That has since then been resolved and development has been going smoothly. We'll let you know about a release date when we are able!

We apologize that we can’t show gameplay yet, at the moment it lacks the polish we would be most proud of. When we do finally show it off, we rather it represents what the game actually looks like while not doctoring footage or screenshots.

That being said we can’t wait to show it off!

In the meantime, we do have another music preview for you!

Despite the delays, we’re extremely happy that we were able to get everyone’s backer rewards to them. This was really important to us.

In preparation for future updates, we believe now is a good time to reestablish everything we’ve talked about so far.

The goal of the game will be to explore, search, and fuse items Erma finds in her hometown of Blarewood!

Throughout the game you’ll come across side activities you’ll need to accomplish in order to progress through the game. While some may seem simple on the outside they may have more to them than you'd think.

You’ll also come across some familiar faces who may help or hinder your progress!

Question and Answers

Q: Will the game be available for android?

A: We are preparing an android version

Q: Is it ok if content creators make videos on your game?

A: Yes, we would be happy with the coverage. What would make us REALLY happy is if they could also suggest their followers check out the game themselves.

Q: Will the game have voice acting?

A: The game will not have voice acting this time around.

Q: Will the game be canon to the comic?

A: Technically yes, while it doesn’t take place in the current story arch of you will see references to it in the future.

Q: How long will the game be?

A: We can’t say for certain yet, but we can say it will be on the shorter side.

Edit's to how cutscenes functions will be added by the release of the game.

Thank you for sticking with us.

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